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Why Invest? A 22-Year-Old’s Tough Questions About Capitalism (WSJ)

Young people are afraid to invest their money, especially when it might take some time for them to see the benefits of that return on their investment. One smart move to make would be to invest in, is a retirement fund. Many young people don’t like this idea, because they are being told that the economy is going to crash and the money will run dry. This book tells a different story, about how we are about to embark upon the greatest amount of wealth of all time for everybody.

Key Takeaways:

  • Young people are afraid to invest because they don’t know what will happen to that investment.
  • The best investment to make is to invest in retirement, despite what your fears may be.
  • There’s a new book at that lets you know that the world is about to be centered upon the most wealth the world has ever seen.

“A few days ago, a smart 22-year-old asked me how to invest some savings from her first job. I advised her to open an individual retirement account. When she found out she couldn’t withdraw it without penalty until she turns 59 1/2, she shot back: “By then the planet will be a rotating cinder!””

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