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SRI Explained

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Screening

Every portfolio we build invests exclusively in a broad spectrum of sustainable funds that screen for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria. Based on a client’s personal risk profile (answered during account opening), our clients will be invested across all asset classes such as US Large, Mid and Small Cap Stocks, International Developed and Emerging Market Stocks and Sustainably Screened Bonds.

Due to our focus on sustainability, we are actively searching for funds that will better suit our client’s needs and also show high ranking on all ESG criteria. We only use low-cost ETFs or exchange traded funds, so clients won’t be paying higher fees associated with mutual funds or other high cost products that big brokers use.

We are constantly searching for funds that could replace components of our strategy without any disruption to the cost or diversification of the portfolio.

By investing this way, you’ll get diversification into a balanced sustainable and responsible investment portfolio.  As a registered investment advisor we stand by our fiduciary duty.

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Growth of Sustainable Investing

Let’s face it.  Most people are doing things every day to live more sustainably. It could be eating more organic food, driving an electric car or working for a company that actually cares about its employees. In line with these values is how one invests.

What used to be called “Socially Conscious Investing”, Sustainable and Responsible Investing or SRI now represents 33% of the $51.4 trillion in total U.S. assets now under professional management, according to the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment’s 2020 trends report.

The choices of sustainably screened ESG funds has grown exponentially giving wealth managers and our clients a plethora of low-cost funds when it comes to being more eco-friendly with portfolios.

Freedom to invest without compromise.