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Chevron to Help Provide Renewable Gas Trucks to California Ports

Chevron announced clearly today to partner with California natural gas firm Clean Energy Fuels Corp on Adopt-a-Port. This initiative provides truck drivers with carbon-negative renewable natural gas and overall this will be much better for the environment and produce less emissions. They will reduce smog by about ninety eight percent compared to diesel trucks. California has put a lot of money into this effort to make the trucks more environmentally friendly, but the success is yet to be fully seen.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chevron is partnering with a clean energy initiative to use clean fuel for long-range trucks.
  • The natural gas fuel will allow truckers to reduce smog emissions and more.
  • The project is part of a larger push for Los Angeles to reduce emissions.

“Clean Energy will manage the program, including offering fueling services for qualified truck operators.”

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