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Whether pandemic or climate crisis, you better get your data right

Current pandemic has shown the importance of data in decision making processes. While most of us recognized the level of severity of virus outbreak, experts, local and state governments struggled to reach consensus on appropriate containment measures due to the lack of data. For climate change activists, this was a valuable lesson. As the pressure to take action grows, it is becoming critically important to obtain data that will enable solid decision making on legislative level. This is true not only on the front end of climate change debate, where climate parameters are discussed, but also when we assess the economic impact that climate change imposes on our planet.

Key Takeaways:

  • The industrial de-carbonization industry has had to take action more so than anyone because of the COVID pandemic.
  • We can measure CO2 emissions quite accurately such as a chocolate bar giving off as much emissions as driving in a non-electric car for a half hour.
  • The metrics used by different industry standards are not harmonized for CO2 emissions. We must work on communicating more effectively our goals.

“Pressure to make emissions visible has been around for a while: Consumers want to know how much carbon is embodied in the products they buy.”

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