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What role does ESG play in the ‘new normal’?

ESG is environmental and social government. During times of COVID, it is more relevant than ever before to implement these strategies successfully. Healthcare workers have the most risky and yet important job of all, they are the front line to help people in need. The goal is to respond quickly to the crisis and adapt as fast as possible. Being transparent or up front about all the facts regarding the crisis will ensure people are accountable and resilient.

Key Takeaways:

  • Global crises like the coronavirus pandemic put the usual everyday goals into perspective.
  • While the pandemic is clearly affecting public health, it is also reshaping industry, manufacturing, and more.
  • Companies can take into account the importance of environmental, social, and governance investing while rebuilding themselves.

“In the coming months, as the forces unleashed by the COVID-19 crisis continue to reshape the economic landscape, they will bring long-held assumptions under scrutiny and potentially render entire business models irrelevant.”

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