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What are publicly listed asset managers saying about sustainable investing?

As environmental responsibility becomes a key issue for the global econnomy, the face of investing has changed to match the concern. Noting the social trend away from non-renewables, many financial entities are declining to go into business with high-carbon promoting companies. More and more portfolios are offering clean energy options.I The online site reports on all these economic issues, revolving around sustainability. To keep its pulse on what key players in the field are thinking, including publicly listed asset managers, the site draws its intel from earnings-related and other conference call transcripts, taking care that such data is relayed unaltered.

Key Takeaways:

  • The online site Sustainable Investing keeps its pulse on the topic of such investing in part by monitoring what bigwigs in the field say about it.
  • Data is extrapolated from earnings-related and other business conference calls made closest to the time of data launch.
  • Comments are reported faithfully and with accuracy and with no modification.

“Senior executives at leading publicly listed asset management firms acknowledge the growing role and strategic importance of sustainable investing in their business.”

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