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US Department of Defense to Implement a Standardized Design for Resilient Microgrids

The US Department of Defense will be creating a plan to create DoD microgrids all over the world. This plan is a bid to make micro-grids more affordable and be able to sustain long power outages. While we are unsure of the total outcome, this operation is supported by Distributed Energy Resources and is seen as the logical next step for micro-grid systems. We’d like to see more similar projects from the department of defense.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Department of Defense is designing a new platform to standardize its microgrids.
  • The new system will reduce the effect of power outages and allow for more reliable energy.
  • Energy companies and experts in various areas are collaborating on the new platform.

“The technology will help reduce the time and cost associated with microgrid design and implementation. The DoD will expand the application of this technology to several installations, increasing energy resilience and mission readiness.”

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