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These key investments can build resilience to pandemics and climate change

Although the world’s energy is focused on the devastating affects of the pandemic, climate change and global warming is still a major issue. But, by investing in the right industries, we can both stave off the effects of COVID-19, and help out the environment. One was to do this is by investing in healthcare as we will have better foresight on future outbreaks, and help fund responses to diseases exacerbated by rising temperature. Also, financing the disaster risk structure and public safety sectors will aid in this fight.

Key Takeaways:

  • Investing in the health care industry during the Covid pandemic is the best way to make safe investments that will stand strong.
  • The Rambam Health Care Campus in Israel has an underground parking lot that in emergencies can convert into a care center with 2000 beds.
  • Investing in disaster relief businesses is great for safety as well as making sure the world is a better place because of your contribution.

“In the coming weeks and months, billions of dollars will flow into healthcare sectors around the world as part of the coronavirus response.”

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