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Sustainable Investment Funds Performance Scorecard: January 2020

As a result of the growing global pandemic facing many nations, the world’s financial market experienced unprecedented periods of volatility from dramatics losses to gains in more secure products. In the United States, strong markets experienced historic losses in most indexes while Treasury Bonds surged as investors sought safety. In the United States US Equity saw modest declines, internationally it was the same story but with greater losses. The big news is that funds that integrate ESG’s saw positive growth which points to their viability.

Key Takeaways:

  • News of the new coronavirus sent markets from a range of of 6.99% to a low of -11.88% for Brent Crude.
  • The S&P 500 ended slightly in the red, finishing the month of January at -0.04%.
  • Sustainable international equity funds had an average return of -2.45% whereas the top 10 funds turned in an average return of 2.28% in January.

“Sustainable fixed income funds and, in particular, longer-dated portfolios, posted strong results in January.”

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