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Sustainable Investing Growth–We’ve Made It!….or Have We?

We have for sure made it pretty far as far as sustainability is concerned. Every year we are making great strides towards more sustainable resources so that we have renewable sources of energy and can have long lasting effects for all that exist on the planet. Years ago, we wouldn’t have dreamed of being able to use solar and wind to power the things that otherwise use regular electricity. Now we are on track to actually using those things, we just haven’t perfected the concept.

Key Takeaways:

  • New renewable energies are replacing old non-renewable energies like oil and coal today.
  • Henry Shilling and Michael Cochran have joined each other to release information about sustainable energy trends.
  • is used to spread a wide range of information about sustainability trends in energy.

“New thinking in environmental feasibility and sustainability has largely shifted the world’s collective opinion, however. So, growth indicators for investments in clean energy companies is promising”

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