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Sustainable infrastructure set to aid economic recovery

Economic recovery in Australia in post-Covid period will have sustainable infrastructure in a key role. It is estimated that the return on investment will yield up to $2.40 for every dollar spent. Positive impact of investments in sustainable infrastructure in Australia is well documented. It is an economic multiplier that provided nearly four dollars in GDP value for every dollar invested in the last decade. The impact is materialized through energy, water and materials usage reduction, but health outcomes and human capital development are also benefits often not quantified. Australian Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISCA) claims that profitability and sustainability can go hand in hand, and specifically calls on national and regional governments to undertake five specific steps in this initiative: mandate sustainability, prioritize productivity multipliers, leverage supply chain, commit to best practice and embrace transparency. Fiscal responsibility in implementation will minimize community opposition to infrastructure projects.

Key Takeaways:

  • Infrastructure projects will be key in Australia after the coronavirus pandemic is over.
  • Careful spending today is necessary for a good recovery from the pandemic after it is over.
  • Governments should take decisive action now under these five areas to help recovery efforts.

“A study commissioned by the Australian Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISCA) reveals that infrastructure will play a key role in Australia’s economic recovery”

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