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Sustainability, Transparency and Operational Excellence – 360 Degree View of Your EHSQ Performance

In today’s business world environmental impact plays a prominent role for many stakeholders, and managing that impact is complex. Driven by regulations and compliance, tracking the data and collecting information on public opinion is critical for your business’ success in overconnected world we live in. Compliance with regulations is not an easy task, and having an information system in place is not sufficient. Merging the relevant information and content, through logical steps and framework, is necessary to present a complete picture of your company’s performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Compliance is a very big deal these days. And while a dedicated software system is a good beginning, it’s generally not enough.
  • Much more than passive data gathering will be required. You will need configurable charts, graphs, dashboards and reports.
  • Environmental compliance is a huge issue. Therefore, an archived emissions concerns library is key, including a way to calculate GHG emissions.

“Regulatory compliance drives the need to track your data and public opinion is vital in today’s hyper connected world.”

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