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Sustainability, COVID-19 and the ‘Stockdale Paradox’

It’s a time like no other that will forever change the world, and completely change the way we function and how we view the world. For some professions, they thrive on constant changes and are always planning accordingly, but that just isn’t the case for people who aren’t in those types of professions. This is a roller coaster that has officially become completely unpredictable, and who knows how many more changes are afoot before this is all over.

Key Takeaways:

  • While the coronavirus pandemic is bringing with it unheralded uncertainty, it’s similar to the feeling of the sustainability industry.
  • There are similarities between the coronavirus and the story of Admiral James Stockdale.
  • You should learn to stay positive while also being realistic about the situation.

“Each day is a veritable roller coaster: encouraging news followed by discouraging news; hopefulness followed by despair; confidence followed by doubt.”

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