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Report: Global Microgrid Market to Experience Annual Growth Rate of 28% Over the Next Decade

Modular microgrids are expected to grow over 28% annually in the next 10 years. Modular microgrids can operate independently and can be customized by using software in the cloud. The report from Navigant Research predicts that the majority of new systems in the next 10 years will be modular microgrids. As long as the systems can be operated without barriers, they will be very popular with the remote operators. We should start to see more modular microgrids as they become easier to operate in the cloud.

Key Takeaways:

  • Smaller microgrids that can operate autonomously without a bigger network are especially useful in remote areas.
  • Navigant Research, which looks at the global market for modular microgrids, uses a 10 year forcast.
  • Navigant reporting suggests that the usefulness and popularity of these microgrids could create an annual growth rate of more than 25% over the coming decade.

“These microgrids can customize operations by using specific cloud software and streamline deployment procedures. With these increases expected, modular microgrids are going to become more and more popular in the future.”

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