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Qualitas launches build-to-rent fund

There is a new fund that will be used to make the home building industry more economical and environmentally friendly. It will provide low emissions as well as energy efficiency. It will make the housing market more efficient in this manner. The idea is to produce clean and green rental stock for the market in Australia. The fund will be used to fund environmentally friendly housing that are used for the purpose of renting, and will be used to reduce emissions by a higher percentage than other funds.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Qualitas Build to Rent Impact Fund is the first property debt fund of Australia that is tasked with elevating minimum sustainability.
  • To qualify for QBIF you must have a project that demonstrates minimum sustainability standards as well as have good NatHERS and NABERS ratings.
  • Making the environment cleaner and greener will have lots of positive effects on both people and the environment in general.

“The fund will finance housing that meets strong sustainability standards and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 35% compared with the current building code.”

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