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IBM Reduces CO2 Emissions Almost 40% since 2005

Technology company IBM is doing its part in helping to combat the global warming crisis. According to their recently released sustainability report, the company has reduced their global carbon dioxide emissions by about 40% over the last fifteen years. Much of this reduction is a result of IBM’s dedication to the use of renewable energy resources. Just as their products have been solving technology issues for decades, now they are focusing their technology and innovation on new, sustainable solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • One giant industry leader, IBM, has brought down it’s CO2 emissions by close to forty percent.
  • The data was released via a sustainability report, that showed the corporate giant’s overall improvement since 2005.
  • Released on July 15 of 2020, the report confirms that IBM is ahead of its scheduled goal of reaching the forty percent improvement mark by 2025.

“IBM implemented 1,660 energy conservation projects at nearly 230 locations globally.”

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