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How to advance equity in energy solutions in the COVID-19 era

Energy efficiency hardly comes to mind as something that’s interconnected with social justice cause. It is our duty, as Americans, to understand barriers that have existed historically to efficient energy delivery and solutions. Covid-19 has impacted low income communities in a way many inequalities do – disproportionately and severely. Energy companies serving these communities can bring some relief through understanding these intricate connections and showing empathy for the predicament. Often, communities themselves have solutions and innovative ideas, but there’s no one to hear them out. This is where energy companies can play a bigger role in eradication of inequality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most of us appreciate that inequity is a big concern in economic sectors. But, the truth is inequity is also a big concern when it comes to climate change and energy solutions too.
  • Racial injustice and climate control may seem like to disparate and unconnected issues. However, they are not.
  • When assessing communities where racial justice and energy solutions are clearly required, take time to evaluate organizations already in place before allocating more funds.

“If 2020 has shown residents in the United States something, it’s the dire need to understand historical barriers, immediately stop our current way of working and deliver energy solutions.”

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