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An Impact Investment Solution For the Modern Investor

An Impact Investment Solution

for the Modern Investor

It’s Simple and Sustainable for You and the Planet.

How to Get Started

1. Decide Which Investments are important to you?

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Core ESG

ETFs that meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements.
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Social Impact

Core ESG Impact plus funds that support companies with strong diversity policies.
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Environmental Impact

Core ESG plus funds that support companies with lower carbon emissions and green projects.
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Governance Impact

Core ESG Impact plus funds that support companies with ethical wages and political lobbying.

2. Select your portfolio code here then go to the activation page to add the code.

3. Answer a few questions about your risk tolerance.

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4. Complete setting up your Schwab account through the app.

Why the Planet needs Sustainable Investing?

We Build You a Low-Cost Sustainable Investment Portfolio In Just Minutes.

Sustainfolio invests in funds with a focus on combating climate change, preventing environmental destruction, and promoting corporate responsibility.

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Have a portfolio that’s fully diversified, automatically rebalanced, and optimized to your goals.

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Have confidence that your investments have passed ESG benchmarks for sustainability and environmental impact.

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Low Cost

Low minimum of $5,000 to start and no commissions. We charge just 0.50% annual management fee based on your balance.

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Have 10 minutes? In that time, we’ll design, set up, and start the process to manage your account.