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GreenBiz analysts take stock of the clean economy

Several industries aren’t doing well because of the grand shut down that is happening all over the country. The oil industry isn’t doing well right now because there is a battle going on over, and that is why the price of gas is so much lower than it normally, it is hard to predict where this industry will stand once this is all over. Restaurants have been closed down, but there might be a chance that people adjust to only ordering take out instead of eating out.

Key Takeaways:

  • The transit industries and the airline industry are both seeking significant bailout monies as mobility grinds to a halt.
  • Renewable energy and other infrastructure projects are currently on hold as people are asked to shelter in place.
  • Smaller eateries have tight margins. Many are not likely to survive this crisis.

“There’s currently a price war going on between Saudi Arabia and Russia that’s making the cost of a barrel of oil just plummet, so that is having a lot of impacts on our domestic production, especially within the Permian Basin, where we’ve been seeing a lot of expansion. A lot of oil companies and smaller energy developers have been investing in projects there that no longer make financial sense for the time being.”

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