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Expo targets energy cost savings for businesses

Energy efficiency is becoming a big deal as businesses are looking to save on overhead costs following COVID-19. Currently the Australian government will be allowing certain businesses to qualify for grants upwards of twenty thousand dollars to help them reduce costs so the economy can rebound. This year will see an Energy Efficiency Expo that focuses on helping businesses solve these problems with new technology. If businesses implement these new ideas then we will see a huge boost in jobs and economic security for Australians.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Covid-19 crisis and its attendant impact on the economy has helped skyrocket business interest in energy efficiency.
  • To climb out from under businesses need to find ways to spend less and earn more. Cutting power bills is key.
  • The Energy Efficiency Expo will be in Melbourne this October, with a full array of the latest energy-saving technologies.

“Energy efficiency has a massive potential to create jobs, cut bills and address climate change.”

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