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Critics question Amazon’s sustainability amidst Bezos Earth Fund launch

Amazon has launched a fund that is supposed to help with climate change. This summer they plan to help invest in some non profits and other causes that investigate the effect of climate change and how we can help decrease the affects that humans are having on the planet. Some critics have a problem with that because Amazon isn’t exactly known as the most sustainable company around. They invest a lot of their money into companies that use so much gas and oil.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jeff Bezos announced that he is going to commit $10 billion to start a fund to help mitigate climate change.
  • Some people are very angry with Bezos because they believe that he along with his company Amazon have sped up the process of climate change with deals with oil and gas wells.
  • Greenpeace USA also tweeted at Bezos calling him out for being hypocritical because he boosts the fossil fuel industry which contributes to climate change.

“The fund has earmarked delivery of grants for this summer to various activists, nonprofits and scientists who strive for better stewardship of Earth.”

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