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Covid-19 Vaccine Progress Behind Wall Street’s Latest Bull Run

The stock market is on the rise again after recent announcements about great progress on a COVID-19 vaccine have been making the news. Despite the American economy not fully reopening, several company’s stocks have taken a jump in the last week in hopes that the vaccine will help bring life back to normal. There are several vaccine trials in the works that are soon going into human trials. The most promising one for now is a vaccine developed by Oxford University, which will sell the cure on a non-for-profit basis once available.

Key Takeaways:

  • The markets have been tied to the coronavirus since the pandemic started, leading to ups and downs.
  • Right now, impending lockdowns are offset by good news about potential vaccines, causing the market to fluctuate.
  • Many different vaccine trials are going on, some with promising results.

“Global equities got their booster shot today thanks to the latest news on the clinical trial results for Moderna’s potential Covid-19 vaccine.”

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