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Coronavirus And Your Stock Portfolio Two Years From Now

The recent Coronavirus epidemic can be expected to present several short-term and long-term effects on the stock market. The short-term effects include the $110 billion hit that the airlines have experienced, and the long-term effects are still up for speculation. Since more and more organizations are requesting their workers to work from home during the outbreak, shares that surround the teleconfrencing industry should temporarily be safe bets. Experts expect that oil will end up recovering fairly shortly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since the coronavirus has come about, airlines are losing tons of money as less people are flying.
  • Oil prices have crashed but you’d have to assume they will recover as the demand for oil will never go away.
  • Because of this epidemic, there will be a ton of financial pressure put on both hospitals and tax payers to cover costs.

“When the danger passes, they will wonder why they used to spend so much time and money going to an office. Some will get permission to stay put.”

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