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Company Using Concrete Made with Recaptured CO2 to Build New Data Centers

Using carbon cure will allow for fewer amounts of Co2 being emitted into the air than what was previously used in cement. We saw a big change because of covid and the way things were halted for some time, but we shouldn’t get used to that idea because as soon as the world goes back to normal the environment will go back to the way that it once was. The new cement mixture will help reduce the amount of environmental impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • Compass Datacenters’ new buildings will be constructed with concrete that uses CarbonCure technology.
  • The company estimated that by using CarbonCure, they will lower their CO2 footprint by 1,800 tons per campus.
  • The production of cement, a major component of concrete, accounts for 7% of globally generated CO2.

“CarbonCure is pursuing a mission alongside many of the world’s concrete producers to eliminate 500 million tons of CO2 emissions from concrete production annually.”

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