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City in CA Signs Deal for World’s Largest Renewable Hydrogen Project


Renewable hydrogen facility is planned to be built on a 5-acre industrial site in the city of Lancaster in California. The plant will have the triple capacity of the currently biggest such facility in the world. Groundbreaking is expected in the first quarter of 2021, with full operations commencing by the first quarter of 2023. Under the contract, the city will be supplying feedstock of recyclables, generating significant savings per ton of landfill waste. The new plasma gasification technology is yet to be proven commercially, but Lancaster officials hope it will be their city where this potential will be demonstrated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lancaster, California recently signed an agreement with SGH2 for a new renewable hydrogen facility.
  • The company’s technology can gasify plastic, paper, tires and other biogenic waste without relying on external energy.
  • The agreement requires the city to supply a guaranteed feedstock of recyclables, which saves landfilling costs.

“SGH2 said that California’s largest hydrogen refueling station owners and operators are currently in negotiations to purchase the plant’s output. The company added that, once the plant is operational, its output is expected to go to hydrogen refueling stations for light-duty and heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles across the state.”

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