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Best Performing Funds of 2019: Erste WWF Stock Environment

As the global community as a whole veers away from its historical use of non-renewable energy resources and towards a more sustainable model, companies are falling in line with the prevailing thinking. It’s becoming far more common for fiscal corporations, for example, to decline business ventures that profit high-carbon businesses. Many investment companies are also now offering an array of investments that promote sustainable practices and renewable energy. Because of the prevailing social climate many of these investments are doing well. Even before the data was fully in solar energy, as one example, was expected to do well in 2019, according to pundit, Aaron Lester. In fact, the solar market for do well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Energy bonds and investments that reflect the global shift towards renewable energy sources are becoming big business.
  • Recently, the British investment bank HSBC was named the largest social, green bond manager.
  • Meanwhile, reflecting the cultural shift away from non-renewbles, JP Morgan refuses to lend money to call companies going forward.

“Solar energy holdings and takeover activity pushes Erste WWF Stock Environment to deliver a strong performance in 2019, writes Ahren Lester.”

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