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9 Canadian startups tackling the climate crisis


Canada is developing an international reputation for startups contributing to sustainable technology. One of these is the Ontario-based nuclear energy company Terrestrial Energy. In British Columbia, General Fusion is on the forefront of nuclear fusion development. In the same province, Carbon Engineering is developing solutions for carbon capture. A Halifax company, CarbonCure, is working on mineralizing CO2 and trapping it in concrete. Other forward-thinking Canadian businesses include Terramera (crop pest control) and Opus One Solutions (advanced grid operation).

Key Takeaways:

  • Canada’s environmental policies are not great at the moment, and often are contradictory.
  • However, many Canadian startups are receiving attention from the world because of their ability to deal with climate change.
  • Here are some up and coming Canadian climate change startups and what they are trying to achieve.

“If Canada’s political climate concern sounds like a sham to you, be assured that it often does to many Canadians, also.”

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